The Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) Help Series is a set of 9 brochures that address 8 categories of crime victimization: assault, child abuse, domestic violence, drunk driving, homicide, robbery, sexual assault, and stalking. Each brochure includes an overview of general crime facts, a description of what victims may experience, and suggestions for how to seek help. The brochures are intended to supplement the information victim service providers can offer and to give victims a resource they can easily refer to in a crisis.

Each of the forms and documents below is available in .pdf format.

Commonly Requested ResourcesFile (.pdf)
Assault VictimizationDownload
Child Abuse VictimizationDownload
Domestic Violence VictimizationDownload
Drunk Driving VictimizationDownload
Homicide CovictimizationDownload
Robbery VictimizationDownload
Sexual Assault VictimizationDownload
Stalking VictimizationDownload
What You Should Know About Child AbuseDownload