After ADA ChaLea Tisdale’s compelling closing arguments, a circuit court jury found Julius Tolbert guilty of Domestic Violence First Degree on June 8, 2018. Tolbert was accused of shooting the mother of his child while she held their young son on June 24, 2014. This was not the first time that Julius intimidated Shanta with a weapon. Mr. Tolbert threatened to kill Ms. Morris and fired a weapon in her direction at Family Place Apartments in August of 2011. Tolbert pled guilty to Domestic Violence 3rd degree (menacing) and served jail time for this offense. The final attack in 2014 resulted in the victim, Shanta Morris, being rushed to Springhill Memorial hospital due to a gunshot wound in her lower abdomen. Once Morris arrived at the hospital physicians discovered that the bullet was lodged in her spine. The doctors could not remove the projectile for risk of further impairment to the victim.

Several .22 caliber bullet casings were found at the scene of the crime. One from inside the residence and one from the front porch. State’s Exhibit 29 depicts the one found inside the the living room of the residence. Corporal Quinne was the investigator on scene. He interviewed Jamaesha Tolbert, 11 at the time, following the incident. Jamaesha is the daughter of Shanta and Julius. In her testimony, the witness stated that she, her mother, and baby brother arrived at their house on 3102 Valeria Street to collect clothes for her dance class that morning. While they were at the residence Julius arrived and began arguing with Ms. Morris. After the argument, gunshots could be heard and Shanta rushed out of the house injured and cradling her one year old baby boy.

The defense’s only witness was the defendant himself. Tolbert’s plea of innocence did not sway the jury from their final decision. GUILTY. After the verdict was read, Tolbert was transported to Mobile Metro Jail. Sentencing will be issued on July 26, 2018. Due to his preexisting convictions and this new Class A felony, Julius will receive life without parole.