Administrative Team

Ashley Rich – District Attorney – 251-574-5000 –
Deborah Tillman – Chief Assistant – 251-574-3316 –
Mike Morgan – Chief Investigator – 251-574-6681 –
Donna White – Finance Director – 251-574-8404 –

Check Unit

Each year in America, victims of worthless checks lose hundreds of millions of dollars. Writing a worthless check drawn on non-sufficient funds or closed accounts is a crime. This form of theft is a major contributor to retail bankruptcies. Our Check Enforcement Unit can help you stop this theft and protect you and your business.

Linda Watson

Child Advocacy Team

The Child Advocacy team consists of one Assistant District Attorney and one Trial Coordinator. Their offices are located at the Child Advocacy Center. This team prosecutes crimes of sexual abuse against children.

Katriesa Crummie

(251) 574-3312

Circuit Court Team

Tandice Hogan

DART: District Attorney's Restitution Recovery Team

DART was formed for the purpose of monitoring, tracking, and collecting restitution owed by convicted offenders to victims of crime. The Recovery Team handles cases referred to our office by the District & Circuit Courts of Mobile County and the City of Mobile Municipal Court. These involve cases where a defendant has not paid restitution to clerk of the court within the period of time specified by the Court.

Ashleigh Long

District Court Team

Lars Granade

Forfeiture Team

The Forfeiture Team consists an Assistant District Attorney and a Trial Coordinator. The Forfeiture Team investigates and prosecutes civil and criminal cases that involve possible forfeiture of real property, vehicles, currency, and other items of value from the illegal sale of narcotics.

Christopher McDonough

Abby Mason

Grand Jury Team

Deborah Tillman, Chief Assistant

Grand Jury Reporters

Kyle Ankersen

Leah Williams

Investigations Team

The Investigations Team of the District Attorney’s Office consists of highly trained and educated law enforcement agents. Each investigator is assigned to a specialized unit and will work closely with the prosecutors to prepare cases for trial. Most other investigative work this unit does is of a highly confidential nature. Every Investigator provides security to the District Attorney and the staff of the DA’s office.

Mike Morgan

Juvenile Team

District Attorney Ashley Rich knew that the rise in juvenile crime in Mobile County was a priority to be addressed. Juvenile Court is held at the Strickland Youth Center under judges George A. Brown and Edmond G. Naman. The Juvenile Team currently consists of two Assistant District Attorneys, an Administrative Assistant, and two Trial Coordinators.

Theresa Harrison

Murder Team

Jennifer Wright

The Municipal Recovery Unit

This unit collects unpaid past due traffic tickets from the City of Mobile Municipal Court. The Municipal Recovery Unit has programs available for offenders who are unable to pay their outstanding balances in full. For more information, call 574-5510.

Tammy Leth

Victim Services Team

Our Victim Services team was formed to assist victims of crime work their way through the seemingly tangled web presented by the criminal justice system. When a victim comes into the criminal justice system for the first time, it can be daunting and overwhelming.

The Victim Service Officers (VSO’s) offer information, moral support, answers to questions and a place to relax before, during and after each phase of a case. They also assist when a victim needs reimbursement through the Alabama Crime Compensation Commission for losses suffered because of the crime.

Leigha DuVal

Jude Ware

White Collar Team

The White Collar Division was reinstated in January 2018. There is no smoking gun or bloody knife when a white collar crime is committed. This typically leads people to assume that these criminals are not a threat to the community. Despite popular belief, the VICTIMS of these crimes have to live with the consequences of the offender’s actions. They may suffer substantial pecuniary loss or even humiliation. They will never be able to gain back the time spent dealing with the ramifications of someone else’s misdeeds. Having a separate white collar division is essential to ensuring that justice is served for our victims. These cases are not simple. They typically require in-depth document reviews of business records and financial statements. It takes considerable effort to garner sufficient evidence to prosecute these cases successfully.

Clay Rossi