• Since its beginning in late 1998, the Secret Safe Place for Newborns program has helped to save the lives of 15 newborns in Mobile Count alone, and hundreds more thoughout the United States.
  • 50 states have now followed Mobile County’s example
  • Featured in, 50 Strategies to Prevent Violent Domestic Crimes&Mac226; published by the National Crime Prevention Council
  • To be featured in the upcoming, Adoption Factbook,, published by the National Council for Adoption.

Are you pregnant or have you had a baby within the last 72 hours?
Are you afraid you might hurt or abandon your newborn baby?  Learn about a place that is safe for you and your newborn.

For New Mothers

If you are pregnant and can’t keep your baby after it is born or you just had a baby and can’t keep it, you have options.

You can get counseling to help you get through this difficult time.  You can give your baby up for adoption. Look in the yellow pages of your local phone book under “counseling” or “adoption services” to find this kind of help. Call the Helpline at 431-5111 for assistance or visit them on the web.

A Secret Safe Place For Newborns offers another, confidential option.  You can give up your unharmed baby at any Secret Safe Place for Newborns location without identifying yourself and be sure that your newborn will receive good care and a good home.

A Secret Safe Place For Newborns promises:

  • No identification of mother
  • No prosecution of mother for abandonment
  • Right to change your mind about giving up your newborn
  • Health exam for your newborn
  • Healthcare for your newborn
  • Foster home/adoption for your newborn

Newborns must be brought unharmed to A Secret Safe Place For Newborns soon after birth for mothers to receive these promises.  The period of time varies from community to community.